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Model Portfolios

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced model looking to update your portfolio, Signature Studios can help you create beautiful images that you will be proud of.

Your portfolio is your first step in the world of modeling. It is your resume that showcases your modeling abilities. The first thing any potential client or agency will ask for is your portfolio. Showing pictures shot on your cell phone won't cut it!

If you are just starting out and wish to use a modeling agency, you will need Test Shots. This is a basic portfolio that shows the agency your modeling potential. This portfolio usually consists of three to five shots, including a head shot, a full length shot to show your body type (usually in swimsuit), and a few others to show different styles--fashion, sports, etc. These photos should be fairly basic as far as clothing, hair & make-up.

Quality pictures are a must! Agencies receive many submissions a day and you need your portfolio to stand out! (click here for rates)


Professional Portfolio - This is the portfolio that will be used to actually market you to potential clients. If you are working through an agency, they may ask you to have certain types of pictures taken that match the type of model that you are best suited to. There are many different types of models - high fashion, editorial, commercial, runway, glamour, swimsuit, character and more.

If you are working independently (not all successful models go through agencies), you will want a Professional Portfolio to market yourself. This includes having comp cards and probably a website. Using online modeling websites, such as Model Mayhem, can be a great way to network within the modeling world and get your work seen. High quality pictures will get you noticed. (click here for rates)


Updating Your Portfolio
Clothing and hair styles constantly change. You should keep your portfolio as up-to-date as possible. (click here for rates)

I will be happy to work with you to help find your style and put together a portfolio that will showcase your best qualities!


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